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Clinics are One Off introductory sessions designed to teach members more about how to get the best workout and results from the different sorts of equipment we provide.


Here are some of the areas we coach in.

( Please note we may not be running all of these all of the time. The programme will change each quarter )


Clinics are bookable, and held as small groups 6 and under


Nutrition and Weight Loss -

with Dean Howard

Introduction to Compound Lifting - with Tom Greatrix

Free Weights For Women

Exercise is only half the battle, if you want to see results you need to make sure you are putting the right things inside your body, and that doesn’t mean starving yourself! Our knowledgeable instructors will help advise you what your body needs and tips for how to reach your goals.


  • Weekly weight ins
  • Weekly measurements
  • Group discussion about weeks targets and intake
  • Meal tips and suggestions
  • Food diary analysis





The compound lifts are the core exercises for each body part and should be the basis of any strength training programme. They are also the most important to get done correctly. Because they use many different muscles, incorrect posture or form can cause injury to your body. Our qualified instructors will ensure you can perform these key movements safely and efficiently.


  • Learn what compound movements are and why they are important
  • Learn correct form for each movement
  • Prevent injury when exercising
  • Learn how to properly structure your strength training


Starts 2nd October - 7-8pm


Learn how to use free weights for your workout helping you burn calories and shape and tone your body!


  • It WON’T make you look manly
  • Gain strength NOT bulk
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Improve posture and reduce back pain
  • Enhance mood and increase strength



Healthy Eating


Lacking motivation or want some advice as to go about achieving your goals? Or do you just want to discuss your current situation? Come down and get involved with out free* drop in clinic.


- Speak with others who are struggling or have struggled with the same issues

- Gain motivation & confidence

- Learn how to set and achieve fitness goals

- Interact with other members


*for members

With so much information working out how to stick to eating healthily can be a minefield! Come down to your free* drop in clinic and ask any questions you have and get some tips and advice for eating healthily.


- Learn what makes healthy and unhealthy food choices

- Get healthy food and snack ideas

- Get tips to sticking to healthy foods

- Learn what to do when you have a bad food week

- Ask any questions you have


*for members


Learn how to use this powerful piece of equipment can transform your workouts. Combining 3 training methods, strength, cardio fitness & flexibility, means you will get a total body workout and can be done anywhere!


  • Lean how to use kettlebells safely and efficiently
  • 6 week plan including workouts
  • Technique analysis
  • Engage the glutes and core like never before



Functional Training

Functional training has amazing benefits for everyone! It is designed to work your body as a whole and prepare it for day to day activities and even sport. It may look confusing but our qualified instructors will explain how to use every bit of equipment and the benefits it will have for you.


  • Exercises that mimic day to day activities
  • Using multiple muscle groups
  • Great for every day life and sport
  • Learn to use SYNRGY zone


Stretch Clinic

Modern day lives mean that we are left with more under-stretched muscles, ligaments and tendons than ever. We sit for hours and hours when our bodies were designed to move. Lean to safely and effectively stretch and release body parts.


  • Prime muscles for exercise
  • Improve posture
  • Ease back pain
  • Improve exercise form
  • Prevent injury




Clinics are 45 minute introductory sessions in a group maximum of 6 people.

Reserve your space by selecting your chosen clinic.



Single Monthly Clinics


(booked at least 1 week in advance)


Single Monthly Clinics


(booked at least 1 week in advance)

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